How to Disinfect Your Car’s Interior Without Damaging It.

With the spread of the Coronvirus in Palm Beach County, everyone is taking serious precautions and keeping their homes and workplaces clean. Here at National Transmissions and Auto Care Center we are no exception. We are diligent in keeping any workspace that comes in contact with our technicians or customers disinfected.

How are you keeping the inside of your car clean?

How to keep your car clean

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) says that the coronavirus can live on solid surfaces for up to four days. As we get in and out of our vehicles nearly every day, this makes the cabins of our cars and trucks a breeding ground for germs. Of course we are careful to wash our hands and use sanitizer, but what about what we are wearing or putting down on the seats, console, the floor and dashboard? Then transferring to other everyday belongings?

Naturally, the dirtiest things in our cars are the steering wheel and door handles.

According the website, they site a chemical industry leader as swearing by simple soap, “Basic, good old soap. Soap chemically interacts with the surface of the virus in a way that degrades it very quickly and basically destroys the virus.” So a little bit of soap on a wet rag will do the trick. The wipe off with another damp rag. Or use some Basic Armor All wipes which contain a mild detergent. Don’t use alcohol-based hand sanitizer or cleaners such as vinegar and water. What may work great on your skin or counter tops will dry up and harm your vehicle’s leather (or faux leather) interior.

Be sure to hit all your switches, steering wheel, radio, air-conditioning, and of course, your door. Don’t forget to do inside the handle. Keep some disinfectant wipes in the car (cut them in half to last longer) to hit the steering wheel, radio, ignition, wiper and door handles inside and out every time you return to the car. When finished, use some hand sanitizer so you don’t reinfect your good work!